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Balcones - Texas Rye

Balcones Texas Rye

Review & Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes
Color Deep amber
Nose Cocoa, pepper and espresso on the nose with a hint of chocolate
Palate Silky espresso, tobacco and chocolate flavor with mint touch, followed by pepper and oak
Finish A robust mint finish with hints of dry oak and cedar

How We Rated It

3.75 Nose
4.25 Palate
4.00 Finish
3.25 Presentation
7.63 Overall Score
3.25 Nose
4.00 Palate
4.00 Finish
3.00 Presentation
7.13 Overall Score


Balcones - Texas Rye

Category: Rye Whiskey
Country: United States
State: Texas

Distillery: Balcones
Age: 1yr
Style: Rye Whisky
Alcohol: 100 Proof

Cocktails we've made:
  1. We have not used this in any of our cocktails.