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Black Tooth - American Rye Whiskey

Black Tooth American Rye Whiskey

Review & Tasting Notes

With plenty of unexpected flavor, this tavern strength Black Tooth American Rye Whiskey will please the Pallette of the connoisseur and the average Joe alike. At 80 proof you can easily drink it straight with friends and family and/or mix It into a simple cocktail. Getchya pull!

Tasting Notes
Color Medium amber
Nose Lightly sweet, caramel, vanilla
Palate Oakey, caramel, burnt/browned sugar, lightly smokey with a hint of rye spice right before the finish
Finish PEACH! Rye spice, lingering sweetness

How We Rated It

3.00 Nose
3.00 Palate
3.50 Finish
3.00 Presentation
6.25 Overall Score
2.75 Nose
2.75 Palate
3.00 Finish
2.50 Presentation
5.5 Overall Score


Black Tooth - American Rye Whiskey

Category: Rye Whiskey
Country: United States

Distillery: Keg N Bottle
Age: 7
Style: Rye Whiskey
Alcohol: 80 Proof

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