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Junction 35 - Off the Rails Red Red Rye

Junction 35 Off the Rails

Review & Tasting Notes

This super rare, limited edition rye whiskey was a pleasant surprise from nose to finish! Boasting 95% rye and 5% barley, this allocated whiskey was absolutely fantastic! Stop in to Junction 35 Spirits forany and all versions of their Off the Rails Experimental Line Offerings!Let us know what you get, and what you think!

Tasting Notes
Color Deep caramel; maybe a touch of raisin
Nose Rye spice with a soft touch of berries starts with brown sugar in the air.
Palate The rye comes through with waves of berries, charred oak and subtle notes of vanilla. Rounding out the palate is a reminder that the rye spice is definitely present.
Finish Long and lingering with more rye. Brown sugar gives way to burnt toffee that slowly fades away.

How We Rated It

4.50 Nose
4.75 Palate
4.75 Finish
4.00 Presentation
9 Overall Score
4.00 Nose
4.25 Palate
4.25 Finish
3.50 Presentation
8 Overall Score


Junction 35 - Off the Rails Red Red Rye

Category: Rye Whiskey
Country: United States
State: Tennessee

Distillery: Junction 35
Age: 3yr
Style: Rye Whiskey
Alcohol: 116.5 Proof

Cocktails we've made:
  1. We have not used this in any of our cocktails.